May 4, 2017

Well... At the age of 30 now

  Well, welcome me back. i still feeling familiar here rather than the other blog page.
  It is now 2017, a year of my age at 30. I am a new chapter of my life now.
  I am being pregnant now, working as a sales advisor in Toyota. An 4 year old golden retriever owner, having our own house living with my husband. My life consider still going well on, after all those old day posts, I am back to blogger life here.

  I was always wanted to start my brand new blog here but there is no time for myself, the reality life bring people like me become so lazy to switch on my laptop to enter tons of words. I would rather keeping my eyes on the smart phone, surfing internet, post some words, share some daily photos, chatting with friends in apps and etc. Besides all these, I am still being human as I will keeping to push myself at least 3 days a week to have some workout. Life without music and workout, it is lack of interesting to be honest.

  Long living life is kind of boredom just like a water, but it is good to be. Boredom life with your life spend partner? Am I thinking this in my mind just now? Yes i do admit it. I am so dislike these kind of negative thoughts when it appeared in my mind. After I cooling down, i realized that this is life, isn't it?Maybe it is not boredom, it is just because of each every individual's must has their own thinking, interesting, and habit. So, I must not be so emotional like before. I must carry any beautiful things in my hands, quickly filter my bad thinking in m mind,  just to fit my baby in my stomach. Even is a man, they also have their space to express the stress or unhappy feeling after work. I can understand.

  The big changes for me is, I can being calm when facing the contradiction between me and my husband. I recently just realized this from our daily life communication. I guess I am now becoming a more potentially as mummy, ever since recent. Hormone change? I am not sure.

  It is better for me to express my feeling at here right in front of looking my husband watching his favorite Stephen Chow's old movie. (Sorry, i don't like to watch most of his movies as i don't think his comedy can bring what positive message to benefits me,)

  Time is late for me to rest now. 11.08pm, 4/5/17 Thursday. Good night world.


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